Be first at the starting line

Sail the most efficient and fastest course, taking into account wind, polar and current

Be efficiently precise

Sailracer app

Take advantage on your competitors, improve your performance, have a perfect timing to your start by using sailracer app.

Sail Racer calculates your perfect start and tactical maneuvers during the race based on current, wind, laylines and polar data.

Be the first one

Easy to guide your boat for an accurate and precise start. You will hit the starting line at the very last moment with full speed

Know the moment

You will navigate to a mark in the most efficient manner. Tak into account wind, polar and adjusted by the current effect.

Maximum precision

A few degrees can make a big difference. Push yourself to the maximum.


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*35€ annual Premium subscribtion can be purchased in-app

Don’t limit yourself

Get wind to your mobile

DataLinker transmits vessel’s sensors data to a mobile using Bluetooth Smart technology.

Bluetooth keeps 3G/4G internet open and is more efficient on power consumption comparing to a WiFi.

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Latest entry

Old school vs SailRacer


Each of us has a different approach when it comes to sail racing; but most of the times, it’s either old-school – less tools and tech, more manpower; or modern – using all the tech you’ve got to make sure you’re the winner. Well, that tech can help you win. Here’s why:

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VMG is misconception


During SignalK workshop organized by DigitalYachts at METS trade show we heard a discussion that the most important thing during upwind and especially downwind is VMG. This is WRONG and we think this is common misconception.

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Signal K


We are proud to announce integration of Signal K in Sail Racer application. It enables every user to easily connect all native boat communication, navigation and instruments to Sail Racer application.

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Wind speed is 11.3 kn at the moment.
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Totally played 556624 times wind game is all about tacking in the right moment. Wind is real from NannyCay marina located at Caribbean, BVI.