Be first at the finish line

Sail the most efficient and fastest course, taking into account wind, polar and current

Be efficiently precise

SailRacer app

Take advantage on your competitors, improve your performance, have a perfect timing to your start by using SailRacer app.

SailRacer calculates your perfect start and tactical manoeuvres during the race based on current, wind, lay-lines and polar data.

Be the first one

Easy to guide your boat for an accurate and precise start. You will hit the starting line at the very last moment with full speed.

Know the moment

You will navigate to a mark in the most efficient manner. Take into account wind, polar and adjusted by the current effect.

Maximum precision

A few degrees can make a big difference. Push yourself to the maximum.


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*35€ annual Premium subscribtion can be purchased in-app

Don’t limit yourself

Get wind to your mobile

DataLinker transmits vessel’s sensors data to a mobile using Bluetooth Smart technology.

Bluetooth keeps 3G/4G internet open and is more efficient on power consumption comparing to a WiFi.

Boat without instruments ?

SailTimer Wireless Wind Instrument ™ (self powered, Bluetooth 4), a perfect combination with the SailRacer app, providing all data to get you to the finish line faster.

Latest entries

Latest entry

Measuring tacks/jibes

7A few weeks ago we have sent a survey asking about the need to measure the maneuvers:

  • Distance Lost (on TWD or mid COG’s axis) during tack or jibes
  • Distance lost to mark
  • Time of the maneuver

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Running on E-Ink


This is a first trial running SailRacer app on E-Ink Adroid reader, and it looks promising.

Visibility in direct sunshine is the biggest problem for mobiles phones and tablets. Most of them have LCD screens that works with backlight LED’s – certain pixels are dimmed on top of light panel to form a view. E-ink technology reflects the light – what makes it ideal for outdoors.

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SailRacer and SailTimer


SailRacer, the leading sailing app for both professional and amateur sailors, announced a partnership with SailTimer Inc., the leader in Wind Instruments for non-instrument boats. As of today, both companies will jointly market each other products. Sailors now will have the ability at an affordable cost to measure wind and sail the most efficient and fastest course also taking into account polar, laylines and wind oscillations.

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