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SailRacer calculates your perfect start and tactical maneuvers during the race based on current, wind, laylines and polar. Organize and track your own race event and invite everyone to a live view of your event.

Sailracer app

For sailors

Take advantage on your competitors, improve your performance, have a perfect timing to your start by using sailracer app.


For clubs

Organize a professional race and facilitate your fleet with race courses, and excellent tracking system.


Watch now

Watch your friends and family performance with a live tracking system and re-play recorded regattas.


Time on Time calculator

March 2nd, 2015

We just published a simple android app for time recalculation based on elapsed time and the ToT score.

Enter you competitors and know how much you need to make them when taking a mark.

Get it on Google play. It’s FREE

Wind game

February 16th, 2015


Tacticians vs Software. Take a challenge in SailRacer’s wind game. It’s all about the right moment to tack. The wind is real. ADDICTIVE !

Play now.

Website update

February 11th, 2015

How is our new website? Major improvement is an Organizer for clubs. It allows to perform online registration, publish documents ant track sailing events and regattas.


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