Online Wind Station

Precise, Mobile, Real-time

For sailing clubs & marinas

Displaying real time wind oscillation chart on a TV at reception of marina or integrating this information to a website will award sailors and visitors.

For sailing schools & coaches

Kids live in mobiles. For sailing schools, we will provide the Windgame – to allow kids to play the local shifts in a virtual world.

Coaches will always have reliable and objective information in their pocket while planning the trainings or on the water.

For race organizers & committees

The precision of the start line and windward mark is always appreciated by competitors. Online Wind Station with SailRacer’s Committee app allows to shorten mark repositioning time and will forecast wind direction at the start time.



Wind Sensor
Refresh rate16Hz
Wind speed range0.5-80 kn
Wind speed sensitivity0.25 kn
Wind direction sensitivity


Data refresh rate4Hz


Cold start30s
Refresh rate10Hz
Velocity accuracy0.1kn
Heading accuracy0.2°
Horizontal position accuracy2m


Minimum dimensions (transportation)20 x 20 x 105 cm
Maximum dimensions (unfolded)110 x 110 x 220 cm
Weight5 kg
Waterproof ratingIP67
Power supplyPoE or 10-30 V
Power consumption0.4W
Operating temperature-15 to +55 C


Connection options

UTP – single wire connection. Online Wind Station is PoE (power over ethernet) enabled. Data is transmitted and power supplied by a single cable. This is a perfect setup for placing Wind station on a roof or a tower.

WiFi – Online Wind Station can act as a standalone WiFi router or can connect to an existing WiFi where there are no possibilities to run ethernet cable.

3G/4G – for remote locations where cell connection is possible.

Bluetooth – for mobile use when sharing data is not important OR none of the above works.

Pre-order via Paypal

Online Wind Station 2000€

Online Wind Station at the moment is a prototype in a development stage, we plan to ship 20 units by the end of May. It is limited to 20 units to be able to offer a cost price and to finance software development and prepare for production.

UPS shipment 200€